Red Osier Dogwood


This shrub provides beautiful color in the winter.  In warmer months it produces berries that are food for our birds.

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Gray Dogwood


This shrub attracts many native bees.  As it grows, it's intertwining branches will bar attractive to birds for cover and as a nesting site.

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Blackhaw Viburnum


This shrub is a popular nectar site for visiting butterflies and bees. We have it interspersed with the Gray Dogwoods to provide dense cover for birds. 

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This shrub has beautiful flowers from later spring to early summer.

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Creeping Juniper

This beach loving evergreen has cones that are attractive to many birds

This beach loving evergreen has cone that are very attractive to many different birds

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Sand Cherry


This cherry is perfectly suited for our open beach areas in association with our swaths of Marram Grass

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This small shrub is useful for stabilizing the dune and attracting wildlife.

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Lead Plant


Very excited to have our first blooming Lead Plant this summer

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New Jersey Tea


This relatively rare plant in Illinois provides food for many insects.  Historically, early colonists used it for a tea substitute even though it does not contain caffeine. 

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Illinois Rose


This sweet little rose is doing very well on the beach, sending out new shoots and forming a thicket to give the birds cover just like we wanted it to.

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Sweet Fern


This beautiful plant is just perfect for the adverse conditions on our beach. It likes our dry and sandy conditions.  

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Sandbar Willow INVASIVE


A very aggressive shrub, it  needs attention as it has become extensive on the south end, south of the beach house and is beginning to show up on the north near the NU boathouse.  We need to remove it so our other plants will survive and provide the biodiversity needed.

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