Red Osier Dogwood


This shrub provides beautiful color in the winter.  In warmer months it produces berries that are food for our birds.

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Gray Dogwood


This shrub attracts many native bees.  As it grows, it's intertwining branches will bar attractive to birds for cover and as a nesting site.

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Blackhaw Viburnum


This shrub is a popular nectar site for visiting butterflies and bees. We have it interspersed with the Gray Dogwoods to provide dense cover for birds. 

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This shrub has beautiful flowers from later spring to early summer.

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Creeping Juniper

This beach loving evergreen has cones that are attractive to many birds

This beach loving evergreen has cone that are very attractive to many different birds

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Sand Cherry


This cherry is perfectly suited for our open beach areas in association with our swaths of Marram Grass

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