We're developing a new oasis for migrating birds

When Northwestern University built its new Visitors Center, a wild refuge for migrating birds was destroyed.  We are working to let these migrants know they are still welcome.

It's hard work, but a lot of fun to be on the beach

Whether we are planting new shrubs and flowers or digging out and fighting unwanted invasive species, or watering our new seedlings, it is a joy to be working together and making a difference for the birds and the environment.

And we keep learning and growing while nature begins to form sand dunes

We are learning about the birds and the plants that support them.   It is exciting to see what new plants come in on their own.  It is gratifying to see the trees, shrubs, grasses and forbs that we planted get established and thrive.

Contact Us

Drop us a line to learn more about the bird sanctuary and about work days, field trips and other opportunities. Or, just stop by on a regular workday.

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Clark Street Beach Bird Sanctuary

Clark & Sheridan, Evanston, IL 60201, US

(847) 343-0730