Marram (Beach) Grass


Our most common native grass at the Bird Sanctuary.  This is our dune builder and gives structure to our design.

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Purple Sand Grass


This is a common volunteer who sprang up without any help from us.

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Canada Wild Rye


Another welcome volunteer.  Its roots help hold the soil like the Marram and Sand Reed grasses.

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Little Blue Stem


The reddish stems in winter are a tell-tale identifier of this important member of our community.

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Sand Reed Grass


A tall decorative grass that does well in our sandy dry conditions.  Another mainstay of the Sanctuary.  Flowering stems are very tall. Seed heads are yellowish.

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Switch Grass - Panicum virgatum


Switch Grass has beautiful light and delicate flowers and  reddish seed heads.  Not as tall as Sand Reed Grass.  It has a rough sawtooth edge to the blades.

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Common Reed - INVASIVE


This horrible plant is the scourge of many shorelines and waterways. Extremely aggressive it takes over whole banks creating dense mats.  Fortunately we have only a little on the very south end of our area.

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Downy Chess Brome - "Cheatgrass" INVASIVE


This early non-native annual is a scourge out west where it is taking over rangeland and a major contributor to grassland fires.

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Quack Grass INVASIVE


The scourge of our existence.  An aggressive invasive from the adjoining parkland.  Its dense deep roots crowd out our native plantings. We spend a lot of time pulling this weed.

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