Milkweed Bug


All life stages of the Milkweed Bug use the many milkweed plants we have at the sanctuary.

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Cicada Killer Wasp


These harmless (to us) wasps dig their homes in the sand.  

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Bumble Bees


There are many different bumble bees who use the sanctuary.  This is probably the Common Eastern Bumble Bee

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Red Admiral butterfly


One of our earliest butterflies in the season.  They migrate up from southern states where they spend the winter.

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Monarch butterfly


Monarch butterflies love our orange Butterfly Weed. A member of the Milkweed family that the Monarchs need to thrive.

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Praying Mantis (eating a Monarch)


Sometimes it is a hard world.  Here is a Praying Mantis eating a butterfly.  They also eat lots of insect pests as well.

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