Sand Coreopsis - Coreopsis lanceolata



CLUMP-FORMING PERENNIAL HERB. Short rhizomes. Flowers 1-2 inches in diameter bloom upright from April to June. Dark brown seeds. Grows easily from transplants. Said to be uncommon in Illinois. Look for this flower throughout the Sanctuary. 

Rough Blazing Star - Liatris aspera


PERENNIAL. 2-5 Ft. Green or dark red erect stem. Pink or purple flowers along the stem. Flowers bloom from top to bottom throughout the blooming season. Small colonies can develop from a mother plant. 

Spiderwort - Tradescantia ohiensis


HERBACEOUS PERENNIAL. 2-4 Ft. Tall. Central stem with grey or blue-green alternate leaves. Flowers open during the morning and close by the evening in sunny weather. They stay open longer on cloudy days. 

Butterfly Weed - Asclepias tuberosa


PERENNIAL HERB. Stems are hairy, erect, and grow in large clumps. Lanceolate, alternate leaves. Bright orange flowers with five petals at the end of branches. Fruits are hairy pods; seeds have long white hairs that are characteristic of the milkweed species. 

Horsemint - Monarda punctata


PERENNIAL WILDFLOWER. 1-3Ft. Tall. Lanceolate, hairy leaves. Terminal and axillary flowers. Typically short-lived, though some live for up to one or two years. The leaves and flowers provide a lovely color range: yellow, pale pink, lavender, and white. 

Common Milkweed - Asclepias syriaca

HERBACEOUS PERENNIAL 2-6 Ft tall, with umbels of pink flowers that develop into large seed pods.  The seeds disperse by the wind.